I’m a very experienced Swedish cameraman, based in Madrid.

During 30 years in the business, I’ve shot dozens of documentaries, corporate videos, news packages, music shows, vox pops and stand-ups around the world.

I know the importance of being flexible and understand your specific needs for any type of shoot. 

I know when to dedicate a lot of time and care to every single detail, and when to just shoot because the moment is now and won’t be back.  

Perhaps you’ve seen my work on CNN, NBC Universal, BBC, Channel 4-UK, Canal+/France, ZDF/ARD-Germany, IKON/VPRO-Netherlands, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Australian Broadcast, Canal 13-Argentina, ECO-Televisa /Mexico, SVT-Sweden, DR-Denmark, YLE-Finland or NRK-Norway. 

Some of the multinationals that have used my footage in their corporate videos are: Scania, Alfa-Laval, AGA, Philips, Ericsson, Intel, Accenture, Doughty Hanson, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and MBNA.

Director of Photography

I love lighting, whether it’s commercial, narrative or just a beautifully lit three-camera interview.  I’ve also shot several feature length documentaries.


I’m comfortable and experienced with most genres:
News, reality
, fiction and documentaries. Most of my experience comes from documentaries, several of which have won awards.